Inventing or reinventing your home can be a challenge, particularly when you’re looking for the perfect designer to turn your vision into reality. But, there’s a few methods you can use to find the ideal designer to fulfil your dream. 

Outlined below is a selection of interior designers from across Australia. Check out their websites or Instagram pages for inspiration and motivation to bring your home into 2019 … and beyond 

Habit Us Living 

Directed by Colleen Black, Habit Us Living covers not only the basic styles of interior designs, but also, specific creators that can accomplish such feats. They believe creating a living space all comes down to the designer you choose, and their goal is to help customers find exactly what they want and who they need to turn their vision into reality.  

Vogue Living 

Vogue isn’t just known as a fashion icon, but also a creative mastermind. They have put together a ‘Vogue Approved’ interior design list of inspiration for any homeowner. Their blog is filled with exceptional photography of modern, stylish and beautiful home interiors. 

Homes To Love  

Homes To Love are all about decoration. They create inspiration for pieces that are easy to make and design decorative pieces for anywhere in your home. Whether you’re looking to give your bedroom a makeover or renovate your entire home, Homes To Love will show you the highlights of some impressive Instagram accounts to give you daily inspiration and to keep up with the latest interior trends. WARNING! May cause serious house envy.  

NSW Blainey North   @blaineynorth 

Blainey North is all about style and minimalism. Her work is posted on Instagram regularly and shows off her own personal style and her beautiful interior designs.  

Alexander and Co   @alexander_andco 

Alexander and Co have the vision to bring together family alongside stylish living. Their vision is to challenge the beliefs of the built environment in every facet of their work, creating spaces for people who passionately believe in the value of their design landscape.  

WA Malvina Stone   @malvinastone 

Malvina Stone introduces the mix of retro cement and timber, working together. They incorporate hard edges of cement walls and soft undertones of warm wooden floors beautifully. 

Kim Pearson   @kimpearsoninteriordesigner 

Kim Pearson explores the world of vintage and colour. Their style touches heavily on historical architecture, especially European and French.  They deliver projects with magical atmospheres, award-winning rooms, beautiful homes and incredible public spaces.  

VIC David Hicks Design  @davidhicksdesign 

David touches on the lavish side of interior design. He plays with lighting and colour to encourage warmth and luxury into his designs. If you love luxe details and textures, particularly marble and metallics, you will love David’s posts.  

Fiona Lynch   @fionalynchoffice 

Fiona brings traditional art into the world of design. She mixes colours to complement each other, into every room and uses shapes to convey emotion through her designs.  

TAS Interia Studio   @interia_studio 

Intera Studio is all about simplicity and nature. Their designs incorporate a mix of wood and minimalism. With simple textures and neutral tones, Inertia Studio bring together simplicity in every design.  

Birrelli Art 

Birrelli Art uses modern techniques and styles to bring a rural way of living. They play with natural materials, such as timber and stone, creating texture and warmth within a modern living space. 

QLD Anna Spiro   @annaspiro 

Anna Spiro is passionate about creating rooms that spark emotion and where people want to linger in. Anna incorporates pattern, colour, antiques and art into the rooms she creates. The end result is a curation of disparate objects brought together to create an interesting, layered and inspiring space. Her Instagram posts are inspiring and unique.  

Arkhefield   @arkefield 

Arkhefield love art, and new design. Not only are their designs modern but also a mix of quirk and spunk for all ages to enjoy. With detailed modern settings and newly invented styles, Arkhefeild is always on top of their game.