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Let’s be realistic, property can be tricky. Get it right and you can put yourself in a great financial position, but get it wrong and it can haunt you forever. Success in property is dependent upon good decision making and good decisions are founded upon quality information, so that’s what the Property Portfolio Magazine delivers. Authors and contributors are specialists in their field who are focused on the delivery of transparent, realistic and practical information that will enhance your decision making and market knowledge.

" The information we share here is aimed at helping property owners rather than hyping empty and misleading noise."

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With the market constantly changing, there’s plenty of opportunities for any type of property owner. The concept of property ownership is also changing, further expanding the range of opportunities as well as strategies that deliver successful financial outcomes. For this reason, Property Portfolio Magazine covers insights into maximising home ownership as well as investment properties because we know these two categories can intertwine. That is, when managed correctly, your home may fund your investments and your investments can help you purchase your ultimate home.