The Three Birds Renovations Instagram page is full of bright and airy spaces and gives an instant feel for flair and creativity of the fabulous women behind the company. 

Lana, Bonnie, and Erin have been friends for almost 20 years. Going through the ups and downs of life – meeting and marrying their husbands, starting families, and juggling their careers, they braved new territory in 2014, and created Three Birds Renovations. The trio took a giant leap of faith, quit their corporate jobs and set off in pursuit of a more fulfilling life together. 

Within a few short months, they had successfully bought, renovated, and sold their first property. Today, they have transformed nine houses and poured all of the knowledge they’d acquired into an online renovation course, The Reno School, so they can inspire and empower women to turn their renovating dreams into a reality. 

We spoke to Lana, co-founder and marketing director at Three Birds Renovations, about The Reno School and how you can use their tips to renovate for-profit. 

What can we expect to learn in The Reno School? 

The Reno School is the ultimate online course for anyone planning a renovation. It teaches you everything we know about how to design, renovate, and style your home, whether you’re renovating to stay or sell, we’ve got you covered. We use our years of experience to fast-track your knowledge, build your confidence, and get you ready to reno. 

What makes Reno School unique to other online courses? 

It’s the only online course which steps you through the process from beginning to end, from dreaming, to building to styling. We teach you how to create a vision for your renovation and how to turn that into reality, right down to the last cushion on your couch. 

And with the Reno School program, you won’t be on your own. Our private Facebook community is packed with amazing people, who are our Reno School students and graduates tackling their own projects. They’re there to give you real-time feedback on your project. We also jump on the group regularly to help answer your burning questions and to give advice. 

What’s something unique about the program I can’t find on the website? 

We have Reno Schoolers all over the world! 

The course is 100% online which means you can truly do it anywhere in the world. It’s amazing how our Australian learnings have translated to projects in the US, France, Ireland, Dubai, Singapore, Mexico, Slovakia, and even the Bahamas. 

Can someone looking to renovate for-profit benefit from Reno School? 

Whilst this isn’t a course specifically designed for people who want to renovate-for-profit it will prove hugely valuable for property flippers. So many of our principles apply to all types of renovations and were learnt by us during our first five renovations—which were all “renovate-for-profit” projects. 

For example, knowing how to find good quality trades and how to brief them to deliver what you want is a universal need. Knowing how to manage your budget is crucial in any renovation, and our budget template is the one we developed when we were flipping properties. 

We’re heading out of winter now, so what are some must-do updates on a summer flip? 

Update your alfresco area – Aussies love an outdoor lifestyle, so make sure there is an outside area that is easily accessible and furnished for comfort. A solid surface for furniture (it could be concrete, paving, or a deck) is an absolute must; and consider adding a pergola for aesthetics and you can include a roof cover to make it weather proof. 

New turf – Nothing says summer like backyard cricket, and a patch of green grass goes a long way to making people feel like summer has arrived. It’s also often on the “must have” list for families looking to rent or buy. 

Gas-strut window – We love this window! In our eyes it has totally usurped the bifold as the ultimate summer accessory. It opens up like a canteen window and works perfectly when coupled with a servery style breakfast bar. These windows originated in Queensland and it’s no wonder – they have “beautiful one day, perfect the next” written all over them. 

Get the garden ready – With summer on the way, your garden needs to get “bikini-ready.” Book a professional gardener or landscaper to come and do a tidy up and trim. 

Outdoor umbrellas – If you don’t have an outdoor undercover area, invest in a couple of sturdy outdoor umbrellas to bring the summer vibes and save your skin. 

We love our BBQs – Aussies love a good Barbie on the weekends, so consider adding a BBQ to the alfresco area to help potential tenants or owners picture themselves using the space. 

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